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story of vine

Orvas vineyards

Story of wine


Wines have been cultivated on Pelješac for centuries. The people here love their vineyards and the open expanses of the sea. Here, on the sunny southern slopes of Pelješac, in the Postup vineyards, various types of Plavac Mali are grown, from which only top-quality wine is produced, including the renowned "POSTUP Branko Roglić."

The vineyard's location near the sea, on hills that rise up to 150 meters above sea level, creates specific bouquets, aromas, and characteristics that favor the production of high-quality wine. The vines are grown freely, without support, pruned close, and gathered by hand, resulting in the signature characteristics of Postup wine - a strong, full-bodied red wine with a luxurious bouquet and aroma, delicate flavor, and ruby red color.

story of vine

Orvas olives

Story of olive oil


Our high-quality extra virgin olive oil is exclusively made from carefully hand-picked olives grown on our own olive groves on the stunning island of Brač. The olives are hand-selected and immediately cold-pressed to maintain their freshness and nutritional value. This production method guarantees that our olive oil retains its natural flavor and aroma, with no added chemicals or preservatives.

The hallmark of high-quality olive oil is its slightly bitter and peppery taste, which is what characterizes our extra virgin olive oil. It is produced from only the healthiest, freshest olives, including both green and ripening olives. This guarantees that our olive oil has all the beneficial properties and health benefits that come from consuming top-quality extra virgin olive oil.